These are my favorite toys and the story behind them or more about them.

This egg toy was the first new toy I was introduced to when I went to live with my best friend. I left my previous family with this stuffed little red dog that I called my baby, but it was this fuzzy and crunchy egg toy that really got me excited about playing fetch in my new home.

I have since ran and grabbed this egg from so many various corners since he threw first it, I can't even keep 'em straight. It has crinkles in it that I love the sound of and a squeaky bit, as well. I think my human has replaced this one about 25 times because I keep destroying them.

After my best bud came to meet me and, ultimately take me home, we ended up going back to visit my original family a couple of times.

The last visit we made, they asked if we - me and my new human - needed anything. At the time, all I needed was more belly rubs. That's all I ever need, to be honest. I thought it was sweet that theey assked, though.

When we arrived, the dad - who was not really involved and initially didn't seem to care so much - arrived shortly after we got there with this toy. It squeaks and it's accurate.

This is my baby.

This is my favorite toy ever. I left the shelter with it, I left my foster family with it, and arrived home to my furever home with it and it has retained its value from very early on in my time across families and rescues.

My human thinks I don't know that, after nearly two years together, that we are on version 5 of my baby. But I know. But I also don't care, it such a great toy.

Playing fetch or hide-and-seek with this fuzzy red stuffed squeaky dog toy is my favorite activity ever. I will go find it wherever he throws it, every single time.